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Angel Aquatics is one of Birmingham’s leading fish stores, specialists in fresh water and salt water marine fish keeping.

Founded in 2008 we are a small family run business with a big passion for fish. Run by enthusiasts, we are happy to offer friendly expert advice to help you keep a healthy aquarium.

angel aquatics

We have weekly deliveries of quality handpicked quarantined livestock and carry most of the major branded accessories. Open 7 days a week with customer parking, we are sure to have something for you in store.


Water Quality

At Angel Aquatics, water quality is taken very seriously. It makes sense, if your water is good then your fish are happy. For this reason, we offer free water tests with a detailed report of how to improve the water quality for your fish.

Happy To Help

We are fish mad here. Our expert staff are always available to help you with any aspects of your fish keeping hobby. Whether your a beginner or an experienced hand at keeping fish, our staff will always be happy to help you out with any information or guidance you need!


Angel Aquatics offer a maintenance service. Setting up a new tank? or just need help to clean your filter and water change? Please contact us here for a quote.